N+ premiere trailer and more screenshots surface

N+ for the Sony PSP - Image 1MetaNet and SilverBirch Studios’ Flash game port to the Sony PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS, N+ to be published by Atari, is shaping up to be a more epic puzzle game than its first iteration. Gameplay footage is already out as well as some more screenshots of the game. You can find them at the full article.

After being teased by screenshots, Atari has finally revealed a trailer filled with gameplay footage of MetaNet and SilverBirch Studios’ N for the Sony PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS. It’s an odd series of 2D Flash puzzles moving to handhelds, yet it’s difficult to think of N+ as a lesser game especially after seeing how fluid it plays.

As those who played N would know, the level design in this crazy platformer is a breath of fresh air. Your goal is simple – to collect objects and avoid getting killed – but it seems jumping around won’t grow old too soon, since the stages look different and have various challenges.

In N+, you play as a miniscule ninja set on a flat background. Doesn’t sound too exciting? Say that after watching the trailer below. When you’re done, wait for the game’s release in 2008. Might as well check the new screens following the video while you’re at it.


N+ screenshots - Image 1 N+ screenshots - Image 2 N+ screenshots - Image 3 
N+ screenshots - Image 4 N+ screenshots - Image 5 N+ screenshots - Image 6 
N+ screenshots - Image 7 N+ screenshots - Image 8 N+ screenshots - Image 9 
N+ screenshots - Image 10 N+ screenshots - Image 11 N+ screenshots - Image 12 
N+ screenshots - Image 13 N+ screenshots - Image 14

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