Namco Bandai announces National Geographic Panda DS

DS - Image 1Here’s something new from Namco Bandai: National Geographic Panda on the Nintendo DS, where you’ll play with our monochromatic furry friends and try to take over the world by training them to become relentless killing machines. We made that last bit up, but the main gist of the game is that you can play with pandas. And how awesome is that? All the details in the full article.

Heavy Weapons Panda - Image 1 

Virtual pets are certainly not unheard of on the Nintendo DS, but what about an actual, honest-to-goodness creature simulator pumped with a few thousand tons of cute? Namco Bandai hopes to fill that particular need, having just announced National Geographic Panda for the Nintendo Dual Screen.

So, what is it about? Well, as the title suggests, it’s all about the endangered-yet-awesomely cute panda. Using the Nintendo DS’ touchscreen controls, you get to play with a panda bear in Panda Park. How your panda behaves is directly related to how you treat it, so if you’re not quite the perfect Panda handler the game wants you to be, expect your panda to leave in a huff. So be sure to give them all the e-love they deserve.

Other than cuddling panda bears silly, what else is there to do in National Geographic Panda? Well, other than treating your panda bear right, you can also purchase food and new toys to keep your monochromatic friend in tip-top condition. You’ll also be able to unlock more stuff the more you play, from additional pandas joining in the fun to playground toys like slides, balls and tire swings.

There’s also the deal of players being able to learn all about the aspects of panda life with National Geographic articles in the game, which can be accessed via the Panda House. With full-color corresponding images, you’ll be a Panda expert in no time.

Well, that’s certainly a cute way of enlightening people on the facts and figures of Panda-dom. Updates as we get them, and expect this title to pop up in store shelves this fall.

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