Namco Bandai Editors Day 08: We Cheer debut, cheer and pom-pom gameplay trailers

Cheer like cheerleaders in We Cheer by Namco Bandai - Image 1Christmas isn’t the only time of the year during which one may spread good cheer around. With Namco Bandai‘s We Cheer, aspiring cheerleaders may do so anytime. Namco Bandai shows us how it’s done with two gameplay videos and a debut trailer. If you want to view them, they’ll be waiting for you in the full article after the jump.

There’s something about Namco Bandai‘s We Cheer that reminds of Elite Beat Agents, aka Osu! Tatakae!Ouendan!, for some reason. Then again, the former title doesn’t require a stylus in order to play. If you’re wondering what the game is like, wonder no more, as Namco Bandai has prepared three videos for us to watch.

The first two videos appear to be standard rhythm game stuff, except that you’re working with cheers and pom-poms. Various colored meters show up on-screen, and the idea is to swing the Wiimote in the appropriate direction in time with the beat.

It’s the third video that’s the most noteworthy of the three, simply because it shows you how a group of gals may actually move when playing the game. In fact, if you wait till the very end, a most…er, unlikely participant will suddenly show up and start strutting his stuff.

In any case, we think you’ll have a better idea of what we’re talking about if you see it for yourselves. Check out this trio of We Cheer videos from Namco Bandai right here:

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