Nanodesktop 0.3.4 now out with True Type font and VoIP support update

Sony PSP logo - Image 1Nanodesktop (previous version here) is updated once again with several additions such as support of TrueType font and compression/decompression of zip files. If you’re a PSP homebrew developer you should check out pegasus2000‘s Nanodesktop. The changelog in the full article.

Download: Nanodesktop 0.3.4
Visit: QJ PSP Development Forums

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Filippo Battaglia is back with an update to his exceptional software development kit, Nanodesktop (previous update here). For those who aren’t familiar with the application, Nanodesktop lets PSP homebrew developers code faster, with the use of extensive system libraries.

What’s new with version 0.3.4? There are several additions to the already-useful Nanodesktop, including the support for True-Type Fonts, new libraries to support VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and support compression and decompression of zip files.

There’s a lot of changes going in the new version of Nanodesktop; if you’re following its development then better refer to the changelog below for your reference:

  • Support for TrueType fonts;
  • Support for C++ language (via NanoCPP, a porting of STDCXX Apache library);
  • Added new OCR engines: ndGOCR and ndOCRAD
  • ndISpell is an engine for spelling correction;
  • The HAL as a new API for audio recording;
  • NanoC integrates EmbPThread library for POSIX compliance (by hectic128
  • and UTF-8 widechar
  • library
  • NanoC has been improved with new routines (mkstemp, getenv, setenv..)
  • The HAL supports new routines for accessing to GoCam CCD
  • working parameters (brightness, contrast). The resolution of the driver
  • is 1024*768 now
  • Added new libraries for VOIP (Voice over IP) support (ndeXOSIP2, ndOSIP, ndORTP)
  • ndZip/ndUpzip support compression/decompression of zip files
  • The new function ndHAL_MouseControlledByAn alog allows to control
  • the mouse using analog controls
  • ndFLite Voice Synthetizer now uses FAST LPC reconstruction to improve the
  • speed of the computations via VFPU

All the needed tools to fully use Nanodesktop are included in the download below, as well as its user guide. If you have any questions or comments concerning Nanodesktop, you can contact Filippo Battaglia (known in the QJ forums as pegasus2000) directly via the Visit link below.

Download: Nanodesktop 0.3.4
Visit: QJ PSP Development Forums

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