Naruto: Ninja Destiny coming February in North America

Naruto: Ninja Destiny - Image 1The first ever 3D Naruto title on the Nintendo DS, Naruto: Ninja Destiny, is coming to North America thanks to publishers D3Publisher of America and Tomy Corporation. Intense dual screen action is waiting, and you can know more about it by heading over to the full article.

Naruto: Ninja Destiny box - Image 1Fans of the very popular anime/manga franchise who’ve been itching for action on the Nintendo DS now have something to look forward to, because D3Publisher of America and Tomy Corporation just announced that Naruto: Ninja Destiny is coming to North America in February. It’s the first 3D Naruto fighting game on the handheld, and it’s supposed to be a lot better than its original Japanese version.

Aside from intense ninja action on dual screens, Naruto: Ninja Destiny‘s western iteration will have a faster frame rate, additional characters, and never-before-seen content. “Through the innovative use of the dual displays and touch screens, Naruto: Ninja Destiny will bring the series’ iconic battles to players in a way that is only possible on the DS,” said TOMY Corporation’s consumer software director.

Naruto will be accompanied by 15 other playable characters in his latest appearance on the DS. Like the game’s Japanese version, we expect some of those ninjutsu-wielding folks to be unlockable. We’re sure to keep you posted If any new details surface, so watch this space!

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