Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm details summoned

Namco Bandai - Image 1Hide away your kunai and just sit back – there’s no need to get worked up, because Namco Bandai won’t make you wait after that delightful Naruto teaser. Along with the official announcement of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm for the Sony PlayStation 3 comes new details you’ve been clamoring for. Find them at the full article.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm - Image 1Namco Bandai has released details pertaining to Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, following the impressive trailer which showcased unprecedented visuals for an anime-based game on the Sony PlayStation 3. It seems we’re going back to square one, as the upcoming Naruto title will return to the arc spanning across the Hidden Leaf village up to the Forest of Death.

Through press wire, Namco Bandai stated Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm aims to immerse fans into the ninjutsu-filled universe they love by eliminating the line between TV animation and their video game counterparts. With that said, we expect another series of Naruto games under the Storm brand starting from the blond kid’s Ninja Academy days.

Akin to the most recent Naruto installments on consoles, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm offers both fighting and freeform adventure modes. The main single player campaign promises over 100 missions set in 3D iterations of popular locations from the anime series, where even veteran ninjas will have a field day. Aside from running up walls and over water, players can take up to two support characters.

Some 25 ninjas from the series are going roll up their sleeves, with specific characters donning “Awakening” abilities that activate under certain gameplay circumstances. Unfortunately, there are no signs of new multiplayer modes beyond two-player versus matches. What we can happy about is Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm‘s release, which is scheduled for this fall.

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