NCsoft reveals full Issue 12 powerset proliferation list for CoH, CoV

Ice Blast is one ability that Defenders will gain in CoH Issue 12 - Image 1Few things, it seems, are more fun than having new abilities to play around with in City of Heroes and City of Villains. Of course, understanding who gets what is crucial. Never fear, as NCsoft has come up with the complete Issue 12 powerset proliferation list.

More superpowered news comes to you in the full article, right after the jump.

NCsoft presents Issue 12 Midnight hour to CoH and CoV - Image 1One of the fun things behind any superhero game is the ability to try out new super powers. Fortunately, NCsoft has chosen to reveal the complete Issue 12 powerset proliferation list for City of Heroes and City of Villains players.

NCsoft also explained the rationale why some archetypes received certain powers, while others didn’t. For example, it only made sense for an archetypes such as Controllers to receive the skill Plant Control. Likewise, Brutes with ice-based powers were found to have problems generating the Fury upon which they’re so dependent. Hence, NCsoft opted not to have ice-powered Brutes in Issue 12.

To follow is NCsoft’s complete list of new and secondary powersets distributed in City of Heroes and City of Villains, including the archetypes that will receive them:

  • Blaster:
    • New Primary – Psychic Blast
    • New Secondary – Mental Manipulation
  • Corruptor:
    • New Primary – Electrical Blast
    • New Secondary – Storm Summoning
  • ControllerL:
    • New Primary – Plant Control
    • New Secondary – Thermal Radiation
  • Dominator:
    • New Primary – Earth Control
    • New Secondary – Electricity Manipulation
  • Defender:
    • New Primary – Cold Domination
    • New Secondary – Ice Blast
  • Mastermind:
    • New Secondary – Storm Summoning
  • Brute:
    • New Primary – Battle Axe
    • New Primary – War Mace
    • New Secondary – Super Reflexes
  • Stalker:
    • New Primary – Electric Melee
    •  New Secondary – Electric Armor
  • Tank:
    • New Primary – Dark Armor
    • New Secondary – Dark Melee
  • Scrapper:
    • New Primary – Fiery Melee
    • New Secondary – Fiery Aura

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