NCsoft withdraws funding from Spacetime’s Blackstar MMO project

NCsoft withdraws from Spacetime's Blackstar MMO project - Image 1 We were able to get the latest update regarding the development of Spacetime‘s supposedly upcoming space combat MMO, Blackstar. Apparently, NCsoft has decided to stop funding for the game resulting to unforeseen results. More details of NCsoft‘s withdrawal from the project in the full article.

NCsoft withdraws from Spacetime's Blackstar MMO project - Image 1

It seems Spacetime will be having a hard time pushing through with their MMO Blackstar. With the recent developments of the game, NCsoft has decided to withdraw funding for the MMO space combat project.

Spacetime had to release 12 of their employees because there were no more funds for the MMO project. As an added effect, they won’t be entering production in the near future. Though Spacetime might have lost funding, they said that they will stay committed to developing the game and will be considering other options.

Even with how things turned out, Spacetime has said that they don’t have any ill feelings towards NCsoft. They have a so much respect for NCsoft that they won’t mind working with the game company again in the future.

We’ll be keeping you posted for more updates on the developments happening with Spacetime and NCsoft as they happen.

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