NervOS v1.6 – added Themes support, NervOS Configurator

Sony PlayStation Portable handheld - Image 1Homebrew developer Pirata Nervo decided to pay us a visit and inform us that the latest version of the PlayStation Portable homebrew shell program NervOS is now available for download. Version 1.6 now allows users to use their very own themes to help spice up this already nifty application. More details in our full article.

Download: NervOS v1.6
Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Development forum

Screenshot of Pirata Nervo's NervOS v1.6 PSP homebrew app - Image 1If you’re tired of the same old look plastered on your PlayStation Portable’s XMB, you might want to try the latest version of developer Pirata Nervo’s homebrew shell application, NervOS v1.6.

The newest version of this app includes several new additions as well as various changes and bug fixes thrown in. One of the most notable additions is an option to insert new themes into the program. Also, NervOS v1.6 includes its own configuration mode which allows users to tweak the different settings found on the app.

Anyway, here’s the rest of all the new changes and additions to NervOS v1.6 since our previous coverage:

Version 1.6

  • Added:
    • New menu animation (when in music column, I have a new animation made but will be used on the net version)
    • Ability to change the CPU Speed from the configuration file.
    • CPU Speed is shown on the top bar.
    • Added a “Are you sure?” question when running something from NervOS.
    • Battery percentage is shown in red if it’s below 10%.
    • Displays “Charging” if the battery is charging.
    • Added “Control Panel” title to L+R Window.
    • You can change the text color of the Control Panel (L+R to access it).
  • Changed:
    • Fixed bug with the task manager.
    • You can have up to 1000 themes in your THEMES folder.
    • Fixed a file browser bug.
    • Fixed bug with the volume.
    • Now when exiting from something, you return to the same point as you were before (example: “when going into browse for tracks, then exiting it should put you back at the music menu rather than putting you at the USB”)
    • Removed the stop button.
    • No more crashes when pausing/stopping music and then loading music again.

Version 1.5

  • Added:
    • NervOS Configurator (allows you to configure NervOS :P).
    • USB Activated at startup (yes or no).
    • ms0:/NervOS/user/config.cfg (NervOS config file, can be edited).
    • You can customize the text color (for normal and highlighted text).
  • Changed:
    • Added “..” and “.” to the file browser.
    • The autoboot.prx plugin comes in NervOS/plugins.
    • NervOS can run all homebrew (at least 3.xx homebrew).
    • The images folder does not exist anymore.    

The developer also notes that the new folder which includes the app’s themes should not be deleted under any circumstance. Finally, don’t forget to read up on the program’s documentation included in the bundle for instructions on how to install NervOS v1.6 onto your handheld.

You can discuss any issues related to this app by posting on the developer’s thread found on QJ.NET’s PSP Development forum. Anyway, we hope you enjoy this great download.

Download: NervOS v1.6
Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Development forum

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