New batch of Killzone 2 beta invites sent out

Killzone 2 - Image 1Time to check your emails, guys. It looks like the next batch of Killzone 2 beta invites has been released by Sony. You wouldn’t wanna miss this chance now, would you? Details after the jump.

Killzone 2 beta - Image 1 

Looks like a new batch of Guerrilla Games’ Killzone 2 Beta invites have been sent out. While previously open to but a select group of PS3 owners, this new batch should widen the numbers of gamers. Just last month, invites were sent out to members of PlayStation Underground.

If you’re one of the many hopefuls, then go check your emails now. You’d want to look out for the glowing Helghast eyes. If you get it, then congratulations and good luck! You have been officially invited to the beta.

Let us know if any of you got in.

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