New CoD4 patch sent for Microsoft Xbox Live certification

New CoD4 patch sent for Microsoft Xbox Live certification - Image 1Infinity Ward has finally smoothed out the rough edges for the latest patch to come for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare players on Microsoft‘s Xbox 360, and the latest word is that it’s been sent in for review. Barring any complications during Redmond’s meticulous testing, Activision‘s biggest hit for 2007 will soon get an upgrade – courtesy of wishlists and feedback from the CoD4 community. Head on over to the full article for more details.

New CoD4 patch sent for Microsoft Xbox Live certification - Image 1

New kill cams, host migration, better scope accuracy, and spectator cam view, and a quick mute shortcut – all these are coming to you if you’re playing Activision‘s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on Microsoft‘s Xbox 360. Well, they will – after Microsoft’s certification team covering Xbox Live content finally gives Infinity Ward‘s newest Xbox 360 patch the green light.

But while we wait, let’s find out what we’re supposed to expect once the patch is approved for release over Xbox Live. First in the list of new features is the much-awaited kill cam. This new addition, much like some other shooters, gives a player the ability to “see” the front of a projectile as it propels toward a target. Infinity Ward community manager fourzerotwo notes that it will be useful in tracking those mysterious kills that seem to come out of nowhere.

Infinity Ward also added the host migration feature for those games often hosted by players who’ve got lesser time on their hands than the others connected to it. Host migration will now avoid the dropping of multiplayer sessions once the host leaves.

Instead, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will go into limbo, looking for the next best host to carry the game. The game will then restart itself with all players connected and return to the action immediately as opposed to searching around for a free slot on other hosted games.

The developers have also ensured that the feel of the scopes of the sniper rifles and the ACOG are much smoother. The smoothness translates to better accuracy, and no longer will those wanting to prey sneakily complain that about the false feeling of precision.

And the new and improved spectator cam mode will feel more like you’re watching. Third-person, first-person, and free-cam views will be available. What’s more is that Infinity Ward has included a faster way to mute noisy players by allowing the irritated to highlight names either on the scoreboard or in the lobby and mute them once and for all.

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