New Fable 2 screenshot released, dev diary to follow

Fable 2 - Image 1As if apologetic for taking long in releasing its next developer diary, Lionhead Studios threw a bone. Or perhaps a lot of bones – only buried several feet under. Either way, if you’re interested to know what’s going on with the Microsoft Xbox 360 exclusive action RPG Fable 2‘s development, visit the full article.

Fable 2 - Image 1 

In case you’ve been keeping tabs on those developer diaries from Lionhead Studios, we’ll let you know that the next entry is coming soon. According to a blog post on Lionhead’s website, the next featurette showcasing the wildly anticipated Fable 2 for the Microsoft Xbox 360 is well on its way.

Lionhead Video Diary Six reportedly made its way to Microsoft’s pipeline and is already waiting for approval to appear on Xbox Live Marketplace. It may take more than a week or two before we can catch a glimpse of how Fable 2‘s development is going, but the blog update stated that things are going smoothly albeit not without pain.

Previous dev diary entries demonstrated dramatic combat and developing emotions toward your dog. There’s no telling what’s the next, but the screenshot Lionhead unleashed could be a hint. We’re guessing the concept of death is next in line, since Peter Molyneux himself said mortality will play a major role in Fable 2. Feel free to call on the next video diary via comment.

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