New PSP motherboard alert: TA-090 PSP Slim, Pandora compatible

PSP TA-090 - Image 1A new PSP motherboard for the PSP-2000 has been discovered in the wild! Not much is known about the upgraded mobo just yet, but apparently, unlike the old TA-088 v3, this new TA-090 works with Dark AleX‘s Pandora’s Battery! Open up that can of worms and see the snapshots in the full article.

Someone decided to tinker around the inner guts of the PSP Slim again, and lo and behold, a new PSP motherboard was discovered in the process.

The curious fellow, going by the name of Skynow, has posted pictures of the said motherboard online. Clearly we can see that it’s now at TA-090. Again, this is for the PSP-2000, and as we know, Dark AleX‘s Despertar Del Cementero (i.e. Pandora’s Battery) doesn’t work quite well (or at all) with the TA-088 v3 motherboards.

Skynow notes that, quite surprisingly, Pandora’s Battery is compatible with the TA-090 mobo. So now the question stands… why the motherboard upgrade? Still no developments on that front, however, so in the mean time, here are some snapshots of the TA-090 motherboard in the wild. Differences are noted with the red circles:

PSP-2000 TA-090 - Image 1PSP-2000 TA-090 - Image 2PSP-2000 TA-090 - Image 3
PSP-2000 TA-090 - Image 4PSP-2000 TA-090 - Image 5PSP-2000 TA-090 - Image 6

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