NFL Head Coach 09 features revealed – NFL Draft, Live Events, Play Creator

EA Sports - Image 1For those of us who live, breathe and sleep football, here’s an update direct from EA Sports: the revealed lineup of new features included in the upcoming NFL Head Coach 09 (Xbox 360, PS3). Check out how this could be the most authentic, and as well as the most intense, coaching experience in the NFL video game line ever in the full article.

NFL Head Coach 09 - Image 1 

For those of us who are eagerly anticipating any news at all about EA Sports‘ upcoming entry to the NFL Head Coach series, NFL Head Coach 09 (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PS3) we have a special news update. The host of new features in the game has been revealed, and from what we’ve seen, they’re certainly going to offer the most authentic coaching experience possible. So sit back and relax as we give you the information overload right here, right now.

So, what’s new? First off is the NFL Draft feature, an authentic rendition of the NFL’s biggest off-season event. Since you’re the head coach, the buck stops with you, and you have all the authority in the world to draft and trade superstars as you see fit. You can opt to receive suggestions from your coaching staff, too.

Next up is the Live Events feature. This is where you negotiate contracts and make crucial choices about free agents and trades. Just like in real life, all these decisions have to be made with the clock ticking away – you can’t just simply put it off for later, it has to happen now. The sense of all-importance and urgency makes this feature one of the most intense in the game.

Last but definitely not least is the Play Creator, where you can build your own customized playbook. Construct your own cunning plays, step-by-step, with literally no barriers or boundaries to the customization. And if you’re playing on a friend’s console, you can easily access it online via your profile, and you can even share it with users online, if you’re so inclined.

Definitely a good list of features in any case. Updates as we get them, so stay tuned!

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