Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword TV spot video

Ninja Gaiden: DS - Image 1Still on the fence with Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword for the Nintendo DS? Then here’s something that might not probably make up your mind for you, but looks awesome all the same: a Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword TV advertisement that makes full use of a stunt Ninja. We wish there was a stunt dragon in there somewhere too, but we can’t be picky. The video in the full article.

For those of us who haven’t yet convinced themselves that Team Ninja‘s Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword looks and plays insanely better than it really should on the Nintendo DS, we have just the thing to push you over the edge: a quirky, yet cool TV advertisement of the game itself.

Well, it may not actually tide you over, but you have to admit, you can’t fault them for not trying, right? And employing someone who could actually do Ninja-ish moves (and under the hot sun, at that), this particular video makes us want to flip out ourselves and hurt someone. But as we’re not quite the sort to do that, we’ll just have to contend with living vicariously through Ryu Hayabusa and his own Dragon Sword. We just hope we don’t get hand cramps from swinging the stylus around too much.

Enjoy the video!

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