Nintendo: Crossword DS now out

Crossword DS - Image 1 Remember when Nintendo of America first announced Crossword DS during the 2007 E3? Puzzle fans will be pleased to know that the game is now available from retail stores. To find out what this game has to offer, head on over to the full article.

Crossword DS - Image 1Nintendo of America has just rolled out a press release announcing that Crossword DS is now out for public consumption. While it may seem that this game caters to crossword fanatics, gamers who’ve never tried out word-based puzzle games may find this to be a nice introduction to the game.

Crossword DS offers over 1,000 standard crossword puzzles with different skill levels, this makes sure that the game will always be as challenging as the player wants it to be. In addition, the game also features a hint button as well as 200 word search puzzles and an Anagrams game mode to help keep things fresh.

While we haven’t gotten our hands on this game yet, it seems that this is a perfect game for those who have a long commute or enjoy playing games on lazy afternoons. Be sure to keep checking back here for the latest Nintendo DS gaming news.

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