Nintendo debunks rumored Mario Kart Wii info

Mario Kart Wii - Image 1Not long after gaming magazine Nmag Gamepro churned out a list of details that could rile up Mario Kart fans, Nintendo released a statement saying no new info regarding Mario Kart Wii has been sent out. Included in the debunked rumors are the inclusion of drivers Baby Peach and Boo in the game. Know more about this by heading over to the full article.

Mario Kart Wii - Image 1One gaming magazine called Nmag Gamepro reportedly has juicy details on Mario Kart Wii, but Nintendo was quick on the trigger and tagged everything on its pages as pure rumor and speculation.

For those who’ve been keeping tabs on any developments pertaining to this wildly anticipated kart racer, that means drivers Baby Peach and Boo are actually not yet confirmed to be in the game. Nmag Gamepro’s claim of Mario Kart Wii having 32 courses with 16 brand new and 16 old, while exciting, will also remain in the rumor bin for now.

According to Eurogamer, a spokesperson from Ninty said, “Nintendo has not announced any further information on Mario Kart. We’ve spoken to the magazine and it’s just pure rumor and speculation on their part.”

Among the rumored details debunked are the return of sliding and snaking techniques, unique vehicles for each driver, and controls similar to Excite Truck. Then again, Nintendo did not refute anything, so sliding and a good selection of tracks are very likely. If they ever get confirmed or if official Mario Kart details ever see the light of day, we’re sure to keep you updated so watch this space!

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