Nintendo Japan’s Virtual Console page redesigned, two new consoles coming?

Virtual Console - Image 1 With the Virtual Console channel feature of the Nintendo Wii, the game consoles of old are seeing new life – and it seems that two more past-gen machines will be joining that hallowed list, after a mysterious update on Nintendo Japan’s official website. Sega Saturn, Nintendo! Sega Saturn Shiro!

Check out the anomalous anomalies in the full article.

Virtual Console - Image 1 

Heads up, Nintendo Wii owners currently in a love affair with the Virtual Console channel – it seems that two more past-gen consoles will be joining the banquet of oldschool retrogaming that you can gorge yourself on (for a minimal fee of Wii Points). This comes directly from the Virtual Console website of Nintendo Japan, with the available console list having two new greyed-out entries added to it.

Just what console will be making its debut on the Virtual Console channel is anyone’s guess, but there’s quite a general consensus that the Sega Master System and the Sega Saturn would be making the list. Playing Panzer Dragoon on the Wii – that would be so very awesome. But until Nintendo Japan gets generous with the hints, we’ll just have to wait and fantasize.

Segata Sanshiro, Segata Sanshiro! Sega Saturn…shiro!

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