Nintendo responds to Greenpeace allegations of ‘playing dirty’

Nintendo Wii console and Wii Remote - Image 1It seems like Nintendo wasn’t going to take all the allegations from Greenpeace sitting down. In the recent “Playing Dirty” report released by the environmentalist group, it outlined how major video game console manufacturers failed to comply with safety regulation in creating environmentally friendly products. You can find out Nintendo’s response in our full article after the jump.

Logo of Greenpeace environment group - Image 1Greenpeace recently released a report entitled “Playing Dirty”, which criticized major video game console manufacturers for the dangerous materials used in creating their products. Nintendo took the major brunt of the criticism as the environment group noted that the video game company’s environment policies were “non-existent”.

Speaking to TechRadar, a Nintendo spokesperson responded to the allegations outlined in the Greenpeace document and explained that the report merely graded companies upon voluntary submission of information. The spokesperson was quoted to have said this:

Nintendo decided not to take part in the survey and were therefore ‘ungraded’ in the resulting report. Nintendo provides detailed information regarding our compliance to EU Directives via the Consumer Section of our website and therefore we felt it unnecessary to take part in the Greenpeace survey.

Nintendo insisted that they fully complied with all the necessary EU Directives on Restriction of Hazardous Substances, which focused on environmental protection and the consumers’ health and safety. Measures were also being taken to manufacture products which are safe for use by young children.

Dr. Kevin Brigden of the Greenpeace Science Unit at Exeter University has been contacted to further comment on the matter, although word has yet to arrive of his response. No worries, though. We’ll be here to cover any further news once we get receive it.

Via Tech Radar

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