Nintendo: We’re NOT feeding media with demand stories

Wario - Image 1The Nintendo Wii demand has been insane ever since its launch last year, resulting in stores running out of stock in mere hours. Recent reports, however, suggested that Nintendo could be fanning the hype by feeding press releases to newspapers. The buzz got loud enough to seemingly irk Nintendo and now, the company offers a response. Check out the full article for details.

Nintendo Wii - Image 1“There is absolutely no truth whatsoever in what they (Maxconsole) have written, it is totally unsubstantiated and merely rumour they are reporting as fact.”

That’s Nintendo’s response to reports that the Kyoto-based company could be feeding the media with press releases containing information intended to hype up sales for its Nintendo Wii game console.

The buzz started after reports telling the stories of families paying in excess of the Nintendo Wii’s retail price appeared in totally different newspapers in the UK with stark similarities in wording. Gaming website Maxconsole, according to CVG, then picked this story up and suggested that Nintendo could have “fed” both publications the report to boost Wii demand hype.

“We are certainly NOT distributing any press release to feed media with demand stories – we never have,” retorts Nintendo.

CVG then posts a counter-theory to Maxconsole’s own by suggesting that there are various news pool sources from which newspapers can take stories for publication. This story could have come from one of those, which would explain the identical wording.”

The Nintendo Wii has been in high demand ever since it launched in December of 2006. It has led monthly console sales shortly thereafter and is now recognized as the fastest-selling console of all time with stores running out of stock in mere hours.

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