Nintendo Wi-Fi USB dongle product discontinued

Nintendo Wii - Image 1For those of us without wireless routers, going online with our Nintendo Wii consoles or Nintendo DS handhelds have always involved a clever little device known as the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector. Unfortunately, it seems that future Wii owners will have to contend with the Wii LAN Adapter from now on, as the company recently discontinued the sale of the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector, the product now listed as unavailable for purchase in the Nintendo Online Store. Bummer.

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Nintendo Wi-Fi USB dongle - Image 1

Little bit of bad news for those of us who want to get some online action with the Nintendo Wii or the Nintendo DS: The Nintendo Wi-FI USB dongle, a little gadget that lets you take advantage of both Nintendo Company Ltd. devices’ Wi-Fi capabilities without the aid of a wireless router, has recently been discontinued from sale. Yes, they’re not going to sell the darn thing anymore, and this is confirmed by the Nintendo Online store listing the product as “currently not available for purchase.”

While it’s a bit sad that we won’t be able to purchase one of these babies anymore, Nintendo still has a solution for the wireless router-deficient of us: the Nintendo Wii LAN Adapter, which you can still order through the Nintendo Online Store. And there’s still the way of the Wireless Router – after all, you can use it on both your computer AND your Nintendo handhelds, so it pretty much pays for itself.

However, if you still want to experience the convenience of the Wi-Fi USB dongle, then you’d better get a move onto your local video game merchandise store and fast.

Via Nintendo Online Store

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