Nokia’s new biomaterial concept phone – Morph

Scientists use biomaterials to make commonly used electronic devices - Image 1If you have no qualms about wearing a mobile phone made out of tapioca on your wrist, then you might want to try out Nokia’s new Morph phone. A video featuring this innovative concept phone is currently running at New York‘s Museum of Modern art and shows off the Morph’s unique features. You can read more about the science behind this new mobile phone by checking out our full article after the jump.

Nokia's Morph concept phone - Image 1If you’ve been to New York‘s Museum of Modern Art lately, you may have noticed a new video there featuring Nokia’s innovative concept phone in action. Entitled “Morph”, this form-fitting mobile phone is made out of biomaterials and has the ability to monitor your health by “sniffing” the surrounding air and analyzing your sweat.

Morph is made out of a derivative of insulin as well as the regular silicon, metals and synthetic materials commonly used to make consumer electronics. Working on gadgets made out of living material such as viruses, silkworms, salmon sperm DNA, and even potatoes has recently been a developing trend among scientists.

While this kind of technology may still take some time to get into the market, its obvious uses cannot be denied as the rising price of fossil fuels demand the creation of alternative sources for the high demand electronics industry. Already, several biomaterial alternative fuels have been developed to offset the spikes in oil prices.

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