NPD will continue providing monthly hardware data

NPD Group - Image 1Addicted to the gaming console numbers? Don’t worry, the NPD Group decided not to push through with cutting back gamers’ monthly fix of hardware sales data. Read on to find out more!

Hardware charts - Image 1After receiving the go signal from the three main console makers (Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft), NPD has now decided not to push through with the data pullback and will continue to provide monthly console figures to the media and other non-paying clients.

According to NPD spokesperson David Riley, this arrangement will be indefinite. But for the meantime, those who are closely following the monthly numbers to check their favorite console’s performance can now breathe a sigh of relief.

The next round of gaming related data is expected to be delivered on or after November 15, Thursday, just in time for armchair analysts to pore over and use to ponder about the future of their favorite consoles.

Via Game Daily

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