Number one in Europe: Xbox 360 EU sales doubles after Microsoft’s March price cut

Microsoft Xbox - Image 1Microsoft is quickly earning dividends after it slashed down the price of the Xbox 360 for Europe. Only a few weeks after their March 14 price cut, Microsoft has already more than doubled their sales, maintaining their market share on that side of the Atlantic. More details after the jump.

Microsoft Xbox 360 - Image 1 - Image 1Keeping a firm grip of their lead in the next-gen console race in Europe, Microsoft has officially announced that Xbox 360 sales have doubled in the EU region after their decision to cut its estimated retail price to GBP 159.99 (around US$ 318.36).

In terms of life-to-date revenue, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 now owns 42% of the European market. Moreover, the Xbox 360 enjoys the highest attach rate among the next-gen consoles. In just two years and 3 months, the Xbox 360 has a rate of seven games sold per console.

The attach rate statistic is said to be a better gauge to measure next-gen success. The mathematical equation divides the number of game units sold with the number of consoles owned. Currently, the Sony PlayStation 3 has an attach rate of 3.8 games/console while on the other hand, the Nintendo Wii has 3.5.

How will the next-gen console race shape up in the long run? To their credit, each console has victories of their own. In the United States, the February NPD data results showed the PS3 outsold Xbox 360 while the Wii towered above the rest. Whatever the case may be, be assured that QJ.NET will bring you the latest developments.

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