nZone to exclusively offer Space Siege demo real soon

Space Siege - Image 1As of press time, “soon” is ticking at T-minus 3 days and 16 hours. Gas Powered GamesDungeon Siege-gone-zero gravity has been silent as of late in the press, but it seems that the developers have not been slacking in Space Siege‘s development. In a few days, we’ll be able to see whether the time spent since the last gameplay montage has improved, and what the sci-fi action RPG has to offer us. On ot the full story for just a little more.

nZone to exclusively offer Space Siege demo real soon - Image 1 

Windows gamers, we’ve got good news. Upon visiting NVIDIA’s community for gaming, nZone, we stumbled upon a banner that claims a demo of Space Siege is set to arrive in around three days (as of press time). Those who’ve found the concept of Space Hack intriguing might want to check out Gas Powered Games‘ rendition of “hack-and-slash” in space.

In this game, players will have to make a choice between cybernetic enhancements or maintaining their humanity in a race to save mankind from annihilation. Combat engineer Seth
Walker has to battle multitudes of alien hordes, but in the process, also suffer the consequences of his decisions.

We’ll get to see a piece of the action industry rockstar Chris Taylor has readied for us when the demo hits around Monday.
Sega plans to publish Space Siege by August 12, 2008 in the US, while Australia might get to see their versions by August 21. Action RPGers at Europe and the UK are bound to follow suit the day after (August 22). More updates as we get them.

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