Ocelot hints at Kojima’s future in MGS4 presscon

Kojima - Image 1Love them or hate them, the post-credit phone calls in Metal Gear games give the hints to the next installments of the games. In the MGS4 presscon in Japan, Liquid Ocelot‘s voice was heard in one of those trademark calls and it hinted of what series creator Hideo Kojima will be busy with after this installment. The conversation was transcribed, and you can read it in the full article up next.

Liquid Ocelot - Image 1 Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima always does his stuff in style, and the latest Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots press conference was no different as it gave us a hint of what he’ll be up to after the PS3 exclusive finally launches. The clues were delivered using an MGS series trademark.

Used was a short video clip with a blank screen where Liquid Ocelot‘s voice can be heard conversing with another person. Only the villain’s voice could be heard, and subtitles were flashed onscreen.

This is the transcription of that conversation:

    We just finished the press conference.
    Everything went according to plan.
    We’re entering into the last phase of the mission.
    Do you want to execute the launch day surprise?
    Yes, that’s right.
    Akihabara, New York, L.A….
    Live, simultaneously throughout the world…
    Yes, it’s under control.
    The VIP’s are happy to participate.
    Yeah, that’s right.
    That person.
    Yes sir, understood.
    So on June 12th…
    By the way, what should we do about “The Project?”
    Yes, that’s correct.
    That man has fallen.
    It’s about the sequel.
    Yes, indeed.
    I see.
    Yes, sir.
    Mr. CEO.

Classic MGS, eh? Reports say that the events described in the various locations mentioned point to Kojima’s world tour. However, the next part, which mentions “the project” could be the game that Konami CEO Fumiaki Tanaka  talked about in March which is “not part of the Metal Gear universe.” A new Zone of the Enders, perhaps? We’ll see.

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