On Shelves This Week: February 11 to February 17, 2008

On Shelves - Image 1Last week, we had a mammoth of a game release with Devil May Cry 4. It’s not going to be any different this time around, with the much-awaited Lost Odyssey by Mistwalker finally making its US debut. Other noteworthy games in this batch are Professor Layton and the Curious Village, Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts, RPG Maker VX, and a slew of other titles. Hit the full article for the rest of the list.

* Article originally posted Feb 11, 2008 at 01:12AM

On Shelves This Week - Image 1

Lost Odyssey Mistwalker - Image 1We’re going to get a pretty well-rounded batch of releases this week (check out last week’s release here), from RPGs to RPG makers, epic remakes of classic games, a whodunnit title, and much much more. We’re going to see a new noteworthy addition to the horror gaming library, such as Penumbra: Black Plague. But perhaps we can safely say that the shining star this time around is…

Lost Odyssey. Play as Kaim, the immortal man sentenced to live for a thousand years, and subsequently witness the deaths of all his closest friends, all of whom he outlived. Lost Odyssey‘s story revolves around Kaim, the generations he bore witness to, and the mystical industrial revolution.

  • Xbox 360 – February 13
  • US$ 59.99
  • ESRB Teen
  • Mistwalker, Feelplus

Conflict: Denied Ops. Play as one of the elite operatives working for the country’s security. Focusing on a mutual effort between two characters, gamers can freely switch between two team mates as they plow through enemies. In Conflict: Denied Ops, the members are not to be identified or associated with the government, hence the title.

Penumbra: Black Plague. The sequel to Penumbra: Overture, Black Plague picks up the tale of psychological horror that made the first game remarkable. The second game in the Penumbra series, Black Plague will be the series’ conclusion.

Jumper: Griffin’s Story. Based on the upcoming movie of the same name, the game adaptation lets gamers get into the shoes of Jumpers, people who can teleport to anywhere in the world.

  • Wii, Xbox 360, PS2 – February 13
  • US$ 49.99 (Wii), US$ 59.99 (Xbox 360), US$ 39.99 (PS2)
  • ESRB Rating Pending
  • Brash Entertainment

Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Help Professor Layton and his apprentice in solving the mystery that lies in a mysterious village. Filled with nicely rendered cutscenes and a chock-full of puzzles to solve, Professor Layton is going to be a tough nut to crack, albeit a fun one.

  • Nintendo DS – February 12
  • US$ 29.99
  • ESRB Rating Everyone
  • Level -5, Nintendo

Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts. Both the DS and PSP versions of Dungeon Explorer: Warrior of the Ancient Arts are roughly based on the 1989 TurboGrafx game of the same name. The PSP version of Dungeon Explorer will focus more on in-depth customization, while Dungeon Explorer for the DS will sport extended multiplayer capabilities.

Dark Messiah of Might & Magic: Elements. Take control of Sareth as you try to search for the Skull of Shadows, and plow through undead cyclops, ghouls, and other nefarious creatures. A port of the PC game Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, the Xbox 360 version features many extras, such as 3 new secret levels, new objectives, and gameplay.

  • Xbox 360 – February 13
  • US$ 59.99
  • ESRB Mature

Spaceforce: Captains. A turn-based strategy game, Spaceforce: Captains is all about taking control over the galaxy by the means of creating a space station and a kick-ass space fleet.

  • PC – February 5
  • US$ 29.99
  • ESRB Rating Pending
  • Dreamcatcher Interactive, Ubisoft

Sam & Max Season 2 Episode 203: Night of the Raving Dead. Join Sam and Max in the the third episode of their exploit’s second season. This time, Sam and Max must deal with a horde of zombies and their leader, an emo, Eurotrash vampire.

  • PC – February 14
  • Dreamcatcher Interactive

Carrier Strike Force. If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming a naval aviator, this PC simulation is just the thing for you. You’ll be flying such top of the line fighter-bombers as the new F-35, the Rafale M, and the Harrier from three famous floating fortresses. Everything from take-off to landing is true to reality so train hard and be all you can be.

  • PC – February 13
  • US$ 29.99
  • ESRB E (Everyone)
  • Abacus Software

WipEout Pulse. The newest entry to the surreal WipEout racing series, Pulse will have new downloadable content packs every week, which includes new crafts as well as tracks.

  • PSP – February 13
  • US$ 29.99
  • ESRB Everyone
  • Sony Computer Entertainment

RPG Maker VX. Enterbrain‘s next title for the RPG Maker series presents new, nifty features such as the Help function, which aids new and inexperienced RPG Maker users easily create doors to teleport to other places, assign Inn commands, among others.

  • Enterbrain

My Horse and Me. Dreaming of winning equestrian competitions but feel that you don’t have the chance of make it come true? At least you’ll have Atari‘s My Horse and Me, which allows equestrian fans to enter international competitions and care for their steeds as well.

  • PC – February 12
  • US$ 19.99 (PC)
  • ESRB Everyone
  • Atari and W!Games

* Article originally posted Feb 11, 2008 at 01:12AM

Buy: [Lost Odyssey (Xbox 360)]
Buy: [Conflict: Denied Ops (Xbox 360), (PS3), (PC)]
Buy: [Penumbra: Black Plague (PC)]
Buy: [Jumper: Griffin’s Story (Wii), (Xbox 360)]
Buy: [Professor Layton and the Curious Village (DS)]
Buy: [Dungeon Explorer: Warrior of Ancient Arts (DS), (PSP)]
Buy: [Dark Messiah of Might & Magic: Elements (Xbox 360)]
Buy: [Spaceforce: Captains (PC)]
Buy: [Carrier Strike Force (PC)]
Buy: [WipEout Pulse (PSP)]
Buy: [My Horse and Me (PC)]

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