On your mark, get set, delay! Sonic Unleashed Xbox 360, PS3 delayed in Japan

Sonic Unleashed - Image 1Sega‘s Sonic World Adventure page reveals that the speedy hedgehog is delayed in its Japanese Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 tracks for a December 18th release of Sonic Unleashed (also on Wii). What gives and what could be the ramifications of this delay? Find out more at the full article.

Sonic Unleashed - Image 1 Looks like Sonic Unleashed won’t be darting to its December 18th finish line. Looking at the Sonic World Adventure page (linked below), it appears that the both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions won’t be coming to Japan until Spring of 2009.

The site explains that the delay is to address issues that are necessary to improve the quality of the game. However, the Wii version seems to be right on track, and the Night of the Werehog T-shirt promo from Sega for their Winter campaign also remains valid.

Now that we know that Japan’s release for Sonic Unleashed, this begs the question of what happens to the North American one – it’s expected to come out next week, November 18th. Will there be a delay for the region as well?

Keep it locked here, we’ll be sure to update you as news comes.

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