OpenBOR v2.1313

OpenBOR v2.1313 - Image 1OpenBOR is a homebrew application for the PlayStation Portable from coder SamuraiX. It allows users to come up with their own game so in short, it’s a sweet program that brings out your creative talents.

Long-time users will be happy to know that the owner has just rolled out a new version over at the QJ.NET PSP Development Forum. Know the things that were changed after the jump!

Download: OpenBOR v2.1313
Visit: QJ PSP Development Forum

OpenBOR v2.1313 - Image 1Homebrew developer SamuraiX dropped by QJ.NET PSP Development Forum and rolled out a new version of the game-maker application for the PlayStation Portable, OpenBOR.

This specific release bumps the program up to version 2.1313. Aside from the compatibility with the Sony handheld, OpenBOR was also made to run on platforms Windows, DC, and GP2X.

Here’s what the coder had to say about the PSP build of the application:

For PSP users, I’ve created a new PRX (based off CrazyC‘s 3.71 exception logic over at PS2Dev. Thank you for sharing your source!) called exception.prx to report critical bugs that crash the PSP.

When this happens please report the log file to my website ASAP so it can get resolved quickly. Though I haven’t seen an exception in almost one year, one never knows when it could happen.

SamuraiX also reminded everyone that the minimum requirement for OpenBOR v2.1313 is a PSP unit running on CFW 3.71 M33-4. Also, updating to the new version will make your previous saves obsolete.

Download: OpenBOR v2.1313
Visit: QJ PSP Development Forum

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