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Wii Homebrew Game: news, downloads, updates - Tyrian - Image 1I was hoping someone would port the game – and someone did! Wii homebrew developer nuvalo has released a Wii homebrew translation of the classic shooter game, Tyrian. Details on OpenTyrianWii after the “read more” link.

Download: OpenTyrianWii (310708)

Wiibrew Game: news, downloads, updates - Tyrian - Image 1

Tyrian, a classic and well loved shooter game that has already been ported to a number of other platforms, has now been introduced to the Wii thanks to the efforts of Wiibrew developer nuvalo. OpenTyrianWii is still in its test version, so there is no support for the nunchuk or classic controller as of yet, but the dev said support will be added in future versions.

The game does, however,support the GameCube controller, USB mice and keyboards, and of course, the Wiimote. Here are the developer’s notes and known issues on the game. Please read the documentation included in the download for more information.


  • Pay attention when the program asks you to press 1+2 buttons, to connect it to the wiimote. You only have 5 seconds
  • Use the wiimote in horizontal position
  • In 576i mode (pal 50Hz) the screen is draw in 640×480, so you will see it enlarged.
  • Couldn´t test how it works in cable component mode, but spect to have weird colours.

Known Issues:

  • Network play is not yet implemented.
  • 2 player mode buttons are not mapped (might work, i diddnt tried it)
  • The default SaveGame works, but the “Select new savegame” option doesn´t work,
  • as you cant type the name of the new gamesave. It works if you use a keyboard
  • The analog gamecube pad joystick does not work properly, use the Digital joy instead.
  • Problems using TV in 480p or rgb components

Download: OpenTyrianWii (310708)

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