Opus, Valhalla chipsets to follow Xbox 360’s Jasper?

Xbox 360 - Image 1When we ran the story on an insider revealing the truth behind Microsoft Xbox 360 system failures, it caused quite a stir. Don’t look now, but there’s more information coming out with stark consistency to the earlier revelations. Jacob Metcalf, recognized for revealing the Microsoft-Bungie split, says there are two more Xbox 360 chipsets coming after Jasper. Details in the full article.

Xbox 360 - Image 1Roughly a month ago, we reported to you the testimony of an insider revealing the truth behind Microsoft Xbox 360 system failures. Some shocking revelations were made, and this time, another reliable source is chiming in.

Jacob Metcalf, the same man who spilled the beans on Bungie and Microsoft‘s split-up, posted new information about upcoming Xbox 360 chipsets. Aside from “Jasper” expected to be incorporated into units by August 2008, there are a couple more that Microsoft will be placing into their consoles.

First is the “Opus” which is supposed to be implemented in 2009. The Opus is essentially a Falcon chipset with a 65nm CPU and a 90nm GPU. The only difference is that Opus is designed to fit into first-generation Xenon cases which, according to Metcalf, Microsoft intends to recycle.

Second is the “Valhalla” chipset estimated to be in consoles a year after Opus is incorporated into old cases. Valhalla is supposed to carry both GPU and CPUs measured in at 65nm. Theoretically, this should mean a quieter machine that is more dependable than ever before.

If you read the report on the insider’s revelations linked above, you’ll see that the commonality here is the prediction of Microsoft launching new chipsets every year. We’re not sure how those who got Falcons and those looking forward to Jasper would take this buzz, so feel free to speak your mind by commenting below.

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