Owing to Apple Intelligence, Apple is gearing up for a significant increase in sales of the phone 16.

The iPhone 16 rendered
Apple expects a strong second half of 2024. The company is reportedly expecting iPhone 16 shipments to be 10% higher than 2023. Apple Intelligence’s potential may have boosted sales of its smartphone after Apple Intelligence was presented at WWDC. Apple hopes that the AI boost will lead to more sales. Apple has warned supply chain members that it hopes to achieve a 10% increase in shipments by 2023 compared to the second halves of 2018. Bloomberg reported that a source familiar with the situation said that Apple would continue to build on the 81,000,000 iPhone 15 units shipped in the second halves of the year. Sources say that Apple Intelligence’s reception has also helped to bolster this outlook. The claim in the report is similar to those made by other observers who see a confident smartphone manufacturer at work. A report on July 1 stated that Apple had increased its order of chips from TSMC. The increase was enough to suggest iPhone sales between 90 million and $100 million units. The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, on the other hand, had an order volume of between 80 million and 90 million from September 2023. Analysts wrote to investors on July 8 that they expect a massive upgrade cycle for the iPhone 16, a “Supercycle.” Apple Intelligence is a big factor, as well as the potential of AI firms to provide more services to consumers. Not only is the demand for Apple Intelligence driving a potential upgrade wave, but also the growth of AI firms. Analysts told investors on June 28 that China’s Smartphone Market is recovering and so are Apple’s fortunes. Apple’s revenue in the region is starting to rise, as seen by May 2024 sales. Sales were up 44% compared to April. On an annual basis, sales in May 2024 were up 40%. This is a stark contrast to the claims made in March, when Apple’s problems in China led to a reduction in expected shipments. In April, it had been reported that shipments for the first quarter 2024 had fallen 9.6% on an annual basis. Interestingly, both Chinese vendors and Samsung, the chief rival, were experiencing growth. Even as far back as November 2023, it was speculated that China shipments had been lower than expected. It was predicted that the downward trend would continue in China through 2024. Apple’s outlook has changed from gloomy to more optimistic in the last six months.


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