OXM gives GTA 4 10/10 score, Xbox 360 DLC 10 hours long

Grand Theft Auto 4 - Image 1All of us know that Rockstar North‘s Grand Theft Auto 4 (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) has received almost an unprecedented amount of hype, but can it actually live up to its image as one of the best games that mankind has ever come across? Judging from UK Official Xbox Magazine‘s 10/10 score, the answer is most probably a yes. The fact that the Xbox 360 version DLC clocks in at 10 hours long also helps, too. More juicy details await in the full article.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Rockstar North Xbox 360 - Image 1Finally, the first review for Rockstar North‘s phenomenal Grand Theft Auto 4 (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3) is out, published by the UK Official Xbox Magazine. The review is based on an unfinished build for the Xbox 360 version. Despite the fact that the game hasn’t gone gold by the time it was reviewed, GTA4 still scored an outstanding 10 out of 10 score.

A NeoGAF reader who managed to get a hold of the magazine shared some of the key points in the 10-page long review. One of the more significant information that was revealed in the magazine was that the Xbox 360 version’s downloadable content gives the game an extra 10 hours of gameplay. Impressive, yes? But here are some more tidbits that may be relevant to your interests.

One striking thing is the amount of detail dedicated to the in-game mobile service. For one thing, cellular phones cause radio interference in-game. Another cool thing that you can do with cell phones is that you can actually upgrade your mobile with others that have cool features.

Apparently your first cell phone can only make calls and send text messages, but you can have it changed for mobiles that have advanced features, such as integrated camera, and what sounds like MMS messaging (receiving photos of assassination targets). Even more impressive is that fact that you can even buy new ring tones and even themes through the in-game computer.

Speaking of the in-game computer, Niko can also access a pseudo internet to carry out some of his missions. He can also send and receive email or check out personal ads to connect with certain people.

Other nifty things mentioned in the review are the ability to take cabs, which is useful for those who are in a hurry to get jobs done. Be forewarned that the fare isn’t cheap, though.

But surely, no game is without its imperfections. According to the review from OXM, Grand Theft Auto 4‘s cover system was a tad faulty in “box-filled environments,” and that the target lock-on feature was too jumpy. The game also suffered from some graphical pop-up glitches.

But taking into consideration the fact that they reviewed an unfinished build of the game, and that it already had a lot of pros enough to outweigh the cons, Grand Theft Auto 4 sure sounds like a winner already.

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