Pandemic’s Cameron Brown hints Mercenaries 3, Mercenaries for Wii

Pandemic's Cameron Brown hints Mercenaries 3, Mercenaries for Wii - Image 1Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, originally set to release last year, was moved to 2008 under circumstances of quality and preference. Creative director Cameron Brown of Pandemic Studios reiterated in an interview that it’s on track to release in August, which Brown hopes will stick, because he wants to move on to Mercenaries 3 and even release a Mercenaries 2 for the Nintendo Wii. You read that right. More at the full story.

Pandemic's Cameron Brown hints Mercenaries 3, Mercenaries for Wii - Image 1 

Cameron Brown, creative director behind of Pandemic Studios, said that he wished Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (PC, Playstation 3, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360) would finally achieve the level of polish they’re looking for so that the developers could move on to Mercenaries 3. In addition, Brown personally looked forward to a Wii version of Mercenaries.

Does that mean they’ll be working on one, if not working on it already? Brown says you’ll have to turn to Electronic Arts, Pandemic’s new owner, to get an authorized answer on that. He did reveal that the idea has been thrown around, however, and said:

I think weÂ’ve had a lot of discussions internally about how we would do that and how we would use the controls. I would love to make something that was really unique to the platform that uses the universe of Mercs in a way that was unique to the Wii. I think you could take that kind of really over-the-top explosive attitude and do some pretty interesting things with the controls.

Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed that a Wii version of Mercenaries is in the works, luckily Brown didn’t deny the notion either. Some parties speculate that the PS2 version is the closest possible candidate to the Wii version, and that after Mercenaries 2‘s launch, EA will be more than happy to allow Pandemic to move to Mercenaries 3.

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