Pandora downgrader for CFW 3.72 HX-1 to FW 1.5

PSP - Image 1The Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew scene has always evolved through leaps and bounds, and Roomain‘s newly-released Pandora Creator for 3.72 HX-1 is no exception. Giving PSP owners the ability to make a Pandora Battery on the 3.72 HX-1 firmware, this is yet another step towards unlocking the Sony PlayStation Portable’s potential to its fullest. Awesome as awesome can be, yes?

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PSP - Image 1

The Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew scene is definitely a sight to behold, as its dedicated and gifted members work tirelessly to unlock the fullest potential of Sony‘s handheld. This time, it’s about the legendary Pandora Battery, and how Roomain, a member of the development forum GX-MOD, has rolled out his own piece of homebrew that lets us create a Pandora Battery with the 3.72 HX-1 firmware. Such an act was deemed impossible, until now.

Let’s take a look at the readme file included in the archive, before anything else. This is translated via an online translation doodad, as the original readme is entirely in French:

This program allows you to create a battery Pandora on the firmware 3.72 HX-1 light It was impossible with the method sceKernelLoadModule (), I used a different method. You can find the source.

Based on Pandora Creator for 3.xx by HellCat; I did not remakes PRX;)

So the Pandora Creator for 3.72 HX-1 is actually based on the Pandora Downgrader for 3.xx by HellCat – which pretty much gives it a solid foundation as far as being stable is concerned. Do note that besides being able to use this homebrew to create a Pandora Battery, it can also downgrade PSPs with 3.72 HX-1 firmware back down to 1.50. Neat.

A word of warning: using this bit of homebrew can damage your battery. The guys over at GX-Mod stress that even if this new Pandora Battery Creator was indeed tested by a lot of individuals, there still is the chance that something might go wrong – so take all the necessary precautions. After all, who wants a bricked PSP?

Thanks to SeanPaul223 for the tip!

Download: Pandora Creator for 3.72 HX-1

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