Patapon: take a guided tour of Patapolis, the Patapons’ tribal home

Patapon soldiers as seen from SCEJ's Patapon for PSP - Image 1If you still haven’t had enough of the cute tribal warfare antics of those Patapon critters, then you’ll be glad to know that the developers of Patapon have decided to give us a guided tour of the quieter side to these “fierce” warriors. The latest Patapost Friday entry on the PlayStation Blog describes the Patapons tribal home, Patapolis, and how you as the Mighty Patapon can help manage your tribe in defeating the various foes threatening to destroy your people.

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Screenshots of Patapolis from SCEJ's Patapon for PSP - Image 1 Screenshots of Patapolis from SCEJ's Patapon for PSP - Image 2 

While they may look like nothing more than cute little squiggles, an army of enraged Patapons can give even the hardiest Spartan companies a run for their money. However, they aren’t all about spears, swords and rhythmic warfare. In the latest post from the PlayStation Blog, the developers of Patapon show to us the quieter side of their happy tribal life outside the battlefield.

Living in a place they call Patapolis, this is where you, as the mighty Patapon, communicate with the tribe and organize your warriors before every sortie. You can even play various mini-games to help you gather ingredients to create more Patapons to add to your army.

Before you send your tribe out on a mission on the game’s World Map, you can organize your army’s make up by giving them various weapons and armor you’ve collected so far. Make sure you don’t forget to resurrect any fallen tribespeople you have at Mater, the Tree of Life, before going into battle – in this game, every Pata-soldier counts.

Finally, don’t forget to listen to the various NPCs loitering around the village since they can give valuable tips on how your tribe is doing.

Patapon is scheduled to come out this February 28 and will be released by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan exclusively for the PlayStation Portable.

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