Patapon trailer: bust out the war drums and fight to the beat

Patapon for the PSP from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan - Image 1 Patapons are eerily cute, but beware: they are armed to the teeth and ready to take down anything in blocking their collective path. Don’t believe us? Well, today’s video update for Patapon is bound to change your mind.

Get ready to beat the war drums as SCEJ‘s offering for the PlayStation Portable starts to beat its way toward the stores. Check out the trailer after the jump!

Bust out the war drums, you’re about to lead an army of… well, eyes with arms and legs. Do not be deceived by their eerie cuteness for they can beat giant dinosaurs, crabs, snails, and robots, among others. We’re talking about Sony Computer Entertainment Japan’s (SCEJ) upcoming rhythm video game for the PlayStation Portable, Patapon.

In case you missed the previous reports and updates, Patapon mixes rhythm gameplay with sidescrolling action. Using your war drums (circle for Pon, square for Pata, triangle for Chaka, and cross for Don), you lead your army to war. In the video, we see the upgrade system where you can make your tribe more effective in battle by pimping up their armor and weapons.

Anyway, check out the video below to see what we mean. Patapon will start invading PSPs in Japan on December 20.

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