People ‘ Choice: Voting for June 2024’s best novel game

In addition to being cute and adorable, June saw a wide range of monsters and evil, from traditional to contemporary. What aspect of this line-up of names did you find most enjoyable? How does it work? At the end of each month, PlayStation Blog will launch a ballot in which you can cast your vote for the best fresh activity of the month. After the polls close, we may count your votes and declare the victor on our PlayStation and social media platforms. Blog. What is the election requirements? That’s up to you! Which book would you choose to recommend to a friend for the month if you could simply give it one recommendation? Note: are- released game do n’t count, but remakes do. We define remakes as ambitious, larger- scale rebuilds such as Resident Evil 4 ( 2023 ) and Final Fantasy VII Remake. How are nominations decided? A list of the most notable releases from that month will be used to plant the ballot for the PlayStation Blog newspaper team. 

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