Perpetual Entertainment halts development of Star Trek Online

Perpetual Entertainment halst development of Star Trek OnlineBad news for the Trekkies, in case they were hoping to hear more about the progress on Star Trek Online. Perpetual Entertainment‘s has recently announced that they’ve ceased development of the said MMORPG. You can find out the details over in the full article.

Star Trek Online gets axed - Image 1Wondering how Perpetual Entertainment‘s work on Star Trek Online is coming along? Apparently, not too good – the studio has reportedly ceased development on the much-anticipated MMORPG as it shifted its core business into the casual gaming market.

The good news is that the game is not getting the axe. Perpetual is expected to pass on the game’s license and content to another development studio in the Bay Area. And no – there isn’t any recent word on their halted work on Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising.

Unfortunately, whoever gets Star Trek Online won’t be receiving Perpetual’s game code, meaning they’ll quite literally be starting from square one. For the gamer folk, that could mean a hefty delay. That’s all the info that’s made available for the moment. Drop by again in case anything new turns up.

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