Peter Moore: Wii to win console war with half the market

Nintendo Wii: video game news and updates - Image 1In the long run, whether or not the Wii is a fad really doesn’t matter since it’s still selling like hotcakes and still has the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 eating its dust. Peter Moore, former Microsoft exec and now head of EA Sports, believes that the Wii will win the console war. Details in the full article.

Nintendo Wii: video game news and updates - Image 1Is the Wii a fad or not? In the long run, it really doesn’t matter, as it’s still selling like hotcakes, and still has the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 eating its dust. By the end of the console war, there is little doubt that the Wii will be on top.

Just how great a lead? Peter Moore, former Microsoft exec and EA Sports head, believes that the console would have 50% market share, and the rest is what the 360 and PS3 would fight over. As he told the Times:

It looks to me as if the Wii is going to have at least half the installed base of the overall industry and the Xbox 360 and PS3 are going to fight over the balance, based on the run-rates we’re seeing.

To be sure though, Moore believes that each console has something different to offer, each giving a different experience to gamers. Nevertheless, the Wii still has the upperhand in the market. Speaking to, he says:

There are all kinds of arguments about who’s winning, who’s losing – I’d argue that they’re all doing okay. Maybe Nintendo is doing better than okay.

[…] I don’t see a détente between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, because they’re different experiences. When I’m playing Xbox 360 and I’m on Xbox Live, playing Gears of War, and I’m chainsawing somebody – that doesn’t feel like I should be a Mii. And when I’m on Home talking to my friends with that avatar, I’m probably going to be pretty well dressed, or whatever I’d be.

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