pGOX Preview 0.2 – now compatible with 3.xx kernel

Sony PlayStation Portable handheld - Image 1Homebrew developer PCoopD recently had the time to update the latest version of the PSP homebrew shell application pGOX by stepping up the preview release to version 0.2. Aside from adding support for the 3.xx kernel, the new build sneaked in a couple of extra features which definitely adds to the app’s functionality. You can read the updated list of changes since our previous coverage in the full article.

Download: pGOX Preview 0.2

Screenshot of PCoopD's pGOX PSP homebrew app - Image 1 Screenshot of PCoopD's pGOX PSP homebrew app - Image 2

Developer PCoopD took the time out to update the latest build of the homebrew shell application for the PlayStation Portable by stepping up the preview release of pGOX to version 0.2.

One of the new changes included was support for the 3.xx kernel, which means the PSP Slim can now run pGOX. Aside from that, a few additional features were also sneaked into the current build since our previous coverage:

Preview 0.2

  • [ADDED] Support for 3.xx kernel
  • [ADDED] Delete function in Filebrowser

This nifty app still sports the same user-friendly, icon-based interface so users familiar with the program should still find the latest version of pGOX rather easy to navigate through.

Finally, don’t forget to read through the manual of pGOX on extensive details of how to install and use it properly. The documentation was saved under the .pdf format, so make sure you have the appropriate application to view it.

Download: pGOX Preview 0.2

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