pGOX – preview release of new PSP shell

pGOX - preview release of new PSP shell - Image 1Remember MaxES? That shell introduced for the Sony PSP a couple of weeks back? Well that project from homebrew developer PCoopD has been stewing well in the kitchen, and a new preview release rolled out as a result of some refinement. And it's been rechristened, too - call it pGOX from now on. But like a few PSP shells in the works, the homebrew application's still in need of improvement. Tell you what, though: it has been making progress, and find out what's new for this preview release of pGOX at the full story.

Download: pGOX preview release
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pGOX preview release - new shell still in development - Image 1

Formerly known as MaxES, now re-released as pGOX - that's homebrew developer PCoopD's latest project for the Sony PlayStation Portable. And since the initial work-in-progress release back in early March, the coder has been busy putting new features together for this next release. Aside from a full aesthetics overhaul from MaxES, pGOX also provides a way to customize the shell graphics. But right now it's a manual affair.

Although you can't expect groundbreaking features yet, for a preview release version, pGOX also comes quite blessed with additions and abilities like:
  • Splash Screen
  • USB function
  • MP3 Player
  • Power Management
  • MemoryStick Browser
  • CPU clock changer
  • Help on-screen
  • Excute (sic) PBP files
  • Excute PNG files
  • Play MP3 files
  • Open/Extract ZIP/RAR files
  • Fully skinnable
  • Battery icon (Like in XMB)
  • Take screenshot
Contrary to popular belief, MaxES wasn't actually a Maxy_PSP team effort, and in order to emphasize that fact, the coder rechristened the PSP shell project to pGOX. Now we're not quite sure what pGOX means, but it does pose a striking similarity to the author's naming convention. Also, PCoopD maintains that pGOX has been coded in good 'ol C.

Now like some homebrew releases, the coder's archive comes neatly organized into folders. You'll be needing some primers on how to use the homebrew application, but there's a catch to that. You'll need a Windows-based PC and an Office 2007 compatible word processor - either that, or settle for a tweaked out Linux flavor with a Windows virtual emulator on its lap.

Why? Because the Readme documentation is in Microsoft's patent-pending XML document standard, and it ain't non-MS friendly yet. We'll keep you updated if new revisions get plated soon.

Download: pGOX preview release
Visit: QJ.NET's PSP Development Forums

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