PicoDrive for PSP v1.40b – black level adjustment, new features

Sega CD - Image 1The art of homebrew platform emulation has been around for some time now, but it’s somewhat rare to come across a Genesis emulator that has Sega CD support. Homebrew developer notaz just fitted the Genesis and Sega CD emulator PicoDrive (previous version here) with new features and several bugfixes. The changelog in the full article.

Download: PicoDrive for PSP v1.40b
Download: PicoDrive for PSP v1.40b kxploit version

PicoDrive - Image 1

Homebrew developer notaz just issued an update for PicoDrive, the Megadrive/Genesis emulator for the PlayStation Portable with Sega CD and Mega CD support (previous version here). Version 1.40b includes the addition of a few new features, such as the disable sprite limit option, and black level adjustment.

This release is mostly about bugfixes, however, so check out the changelog below to see if the problem you’ve been experiencing while using the emulator for the Sony PlayStation Portable is finally addressed:

  • Fixed sprite masking code. Thanks to Lordus for explaining how it works.
  • Added “disable sprite limit” option.
  • Added black level adjustment to display options.
  • Changed reset to act as ‘soft’ reset.
  • Added detection for Puggsy (it doesn’t really have sram).
  • Some small timing adjustments.
  • Added support for SVP (Sega Virtua Processor) to emulate Virtua Racing. No recompiler for PSP version though.
  • Changed config file format, files are now human-readable. Game specific configs are now held in single file (but old game config files are still read when new one is missing).
  • Fixed a bug where some key combos didn’t work as expected.
  • Adjusted fast renderer to work with more games, including VR.
  • Fixed a problem where SegaCD RAM cart data was getting lost on reset.
  • PicoDrive now comes with a game config file for some games which need special settings, so they should now work out-of-the-box. More games will be added with later updates.

For those who are interested in using this homebrew emulator but don’t know how to start using it, just go over the detailed readme file included with the download. Make sure to grab the version most compatible to your Sony PSP’s set-up, and refer to the installation and troubleshooting guide in the readme.

Download: PicoDrive for PSP v1.40b
Download: PicoDrive for PSP v1.40b kxploit version

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