Pirates of the Burning Sea update: downtime ahoy

Pirates of the Burning Sea - Image 1If you’re one of the many sailing the seven seas of Pirates of the Burning Sea by Flying Lab Software, we’ve got a special news bulletin. A downtime is brewing on the horizon, beginning at 1:30 AM Pacific Time tomorrow on April 15. See what this means to you and your crew at the full article, lest you want to get sunk in the downtime tidal wave.

Pirates of the Burning Sea - Image 1

Ahoy, digital seafarers sailing the digital seven seas in Flying Lab Software‘s Pirates of the Burning Sea, here’s an early storm warning to avoid the winds tearing off your masts: there’s a server downtime headed your way, starting at 1:30 AM Pacific Time on Tuesday, April 15. This comes directly from the game’s official website, via a news announcement by Aether.

Here’s the news announcement itself, verbatim:

On Tuesday, April 15th, beginning at 1:30a Pacific Time, there will be a brief, rolling outage in order to publish an important update to our servers.

We will be publishing more extensive information explaining the outage later in the day.

So if you were planning on doing some good old-fashioned pirate stuff on that specific time slot, you’ll have to roll up your sails, drop anchor, and wait the downtime out. It’s for the best. Let’s hope that they come out with that announcement soon enough.

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