Pirates of the Caribbean Online gets Mother’s Day tattoos

Pirates of the Caribbean online gets Mother's Day tattoos - Image 1Nothing in the world says, “I love you, mommy,” quite like a tattoo does. That being said, if you’re interested in celebrating the spirit of Mother’s Day online, then why not get a Mother’s Day tattoo for your avatar in Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Learn more about this after the jump!

Pirates of the Caribbean Online gets Mother's Day Tattoos - Image 1Nothing in the world shows your undying affection for your mother quite like a tattoo. Barring the removal of your skin or a surgical procedure, that tattoo will be a reminder of your love for the rest of your life.

If you’re interested in the idea of a tattoo but don’t actually want one on your own body, why not get a virtual tattoo for Mother’s Day? It just so happens that Disney‘s Pirates of the Caribbean Online is celebrating the spirit of the season with some virtual “I Love Mom” tattoos for people’s avatars.

Note that the tattoos will only be made available for players until midnight of May 12 (PDT), so be sure to get one before the time’s up. That being said, don’t forget to log off the game and give your mother a real-life hug too, just to let her know you care.

Via Pirates of the Caribbean Online

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