Wii Fit sold out in one day

Wii Balance Board - Image 1If you’ve been waiting for the UK-based to take Wii Fit pre-orders, you’re out of luck. The online retailer just announced that the game which comes with the Wii Balance Board has sold out in one day, more than a week before its actual release. Find all the details at the full article.

Wii Fit - Image 1Nintendo’s offer for the weight conscious, Wii Fit together with the Wii Balance Board, continues to show promising sales days before its release. Popular online retailer just announced that overwhelming pre-orders dropped the “sold out” status on Wii Fit well ahead of its April 25 launch in the UK.

Wii Fit reportedly sold out in one day, displaying how high demand is in that part of the world. began taking pre-orders just recently, yet the store already has its current allocation of units fully booked.

Gian Luzio, head of games at, was quoted saying:

People continually look for new and fun ways to stay in shape and it’s fantastic to see exergames in big demand. Wii Fit is going to be huge – let’s hope that we can keep up with demand. We are expecting more stock before launch.


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