Play Mirror’s Edge, the 2D beta

Mirror's Edge 2D demo - Image 1 Hooked on Mirror’s Edge (PS3, Xbox 360)? Or do wanna try doing all that jumping in 2D? Well, if you’re just looking for something to play with, why not try this Mirror’s Edge 2D demo? Naturally, it’s not first person, so you get to see Faith pull her Yamakasi moves here.

Mirror's Edge 2D demo - Image 1Either you can’t get enough of Electronic ArtsMirror’s Edge (PS3, Xbox 360), or you’re just plain bored, you can try playing the Mirror’s Edge 2D demo. It’s not first person, so you get to see Faith as she pulls her Yamakasi moves.

Just a little note, devs say it’s possible for you to get stuck on the sides of the poles, but it’s pretty rare. Oh, and background art doesn’t extend all the way to the bottom when you fall off in some areas.

This is a lot of fun! Try it. Follow the source link to Borne Games, enjoy.

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