PlayStation 3 firmware 2.0 update causing problems?

Firmware 2.00 causing PS3s to malfunction? - Image 1Word over at the PlayStation forums is that the PS3 is having some technical issues shortly after the release of firmware 2.00. And while it’s still to be confirmed, the problems appear to range from menu slowdowns, download slowdowns, to disk read errors for both games and videos. More details regarding this problem are available in the full article.

PS3 fw 2.00 causing issues? - Image 1Apparently, the PlayStation 3’s recently launched firmware 2.0 is not going down without a hitch. Word over at the US PlayStation forums is that after downloading this latest firmware update, some PS3 owners were getting hit with all sorts of problems.

As the members reported, detected bugs ranged from a noticeable slowdown in the unit’s menu, to the unit suddenly powering down in the middle of a game. On a more serious note, other users also reported that their units were now unable detect game/movie discs when they were loaded into the console.

On the flip side of this matter, other PS3 owners reported at the thread that they haven’t had any problems since updating to fw 2.0. At the moment, Sony hasn’t made any statement regarding this possible fw bug. Drop by again in case we pick up any updates regarding this matter.

Via US PlayStation forums

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