PlayStation Home extended closed beta coming up soon

PlayStation Home - Image 1PlayStation Home‘s closed beta is nearing its completion. No, seriously, it is! Sony‘s been giving the gaming press some emails saying that the extended closed beta is coming very soon and the media will join in on the fray. That’s a good sign if you ask us because where the press goes, the public shouldn’t be too far behind. More after the jump.

PlayStation Home - Image 1We know; if we tell you that PlayStation Home‘s closed beta is nearing its completion, you’d go like “hasn’t it been nearing its completion forever?” While we concede that you’d be excused for feeling a little sour about the whole thing, we’ve got some welcome news for you.

Kotaku reports that the extended closed beta for Home in the United States could be dropping in a week or two. This means that gaming press will be in on the virtual world, which is a good sign that the rest of the PS3 community isn’t too far along.

Sure, this isn’t as dramatic as Japan adding 10,000 beta testers to its version of Home, but it’s a significant sign of progress. Hang in there, people. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Via Kotaku

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