PlayStation Home v0.8.6 details described

PlayStation Home - Image 1 A report has recently come out with several screenshots describing and showing PlayStation Home v0.8.6. It’s too bad that the screens were dropped due to copyright issues, but we still have the skinny on the news. A Media & Events space is now reportedly up along with a survey for beta testers. Let’s hope Sony releases Home soon we can all enjoy it. Details after the jump.

PlayStation Home - Image 1Earlier, 14 new screenshots of PlayStation Home‘s closed beta were leaked to give us an eyeful of what’s been added on version 0.8.6. Sadly, the source had to take down the images due to copyright issues, but that doesn’t mean we can’t describe what’s in them to you.

According to the ScrawlFX post, the new area called the Media & Events Space is looking like a hub where PlayStation-related shindigs will take place. Could we all be getting treated to virtual game shows in the future? We’ll see.

Home version 0.8.6 also had an elaborate survey on what the beta testers thought of the new space. Feedback was apparently needed about its presentation area, the photos and video on the gallery, and other stuff. The opinions of the testers were also asked regarding such things as what they want to see on the next PlayStation Day events, and what people would like to see more of in the Media & Events Space.

That’s about all we have on the latest PlayStation Home update. Let’s hope Sony releases it soon so we can all enjoy it. Keep it with us for more PS3 news.

Via ScrawlFX

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